Mag Guard Monitoring (MGM) specializes in providing security solutions for the storage of energetic materials including explosive magazines and nuclear storage compartments.

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By integrating innovative new GPS (Global Positioning Satellite), Satellite Communications technology, secure socket layer (SSL) internet connections, and computer generated text and automated voice messaging - MGM provides its customers with an unparalleled 24/7 monitoring service. The MGM system on your magazine will check in twice a day providing you with its regular status reports so you do not have to attend the magazine daily to check its integrity, and it will provide immediate notification in the event of any unauthorized entry, or movement of the magazine.

To see how a portion of our innovative new system works please visit the "Security Solutions" page for a simple diagrammatical process overview.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide reliable, cost effective, user-friendly hardware and software solutions facilitating monitoring of fixed and mobile high value and/or high-risk assets. Our expanded services include security, access control, magazine tracking, remote site monitoring, and secured data reporting in real time from almost anywhere on the planet.

Future Expandability

Mag Guard Monitoring has developed this innovative security system to be infinitely expandable in the future. With possibilities of such things as advanced access control and inventory control we will be working hard to utilize as much of the potential as required.



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